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 What Is the Claims Process?


If you have experienced a flood, fire or catastrophic event, contact us at Blackstone Loss Assessors. We will be able to discuss your situation and how we can help. We would then arrange a visit to your property at a convenient time. Our loss assessors will be able to examine the damage that has been caused and outline the best way to manage your claim.

If you are happy to go ahead and appoint us your loss assessor we would help you find temporary accommodation (if it is required), organise a clean up and create a damage report. This would be presented to the insurance company.

Blackstone Loss Assessors will make your claim within the time limits and handle all negotiations with the insurance company to get the best possible settlement. If any claims have been unsuccessful we will attempt further negotiations with the insurance company. As your insurance loss assessor, we will explore all potential options when managing your claim, and it is only when these have been exhausted will we finish our work.

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Stage 1

During initial consultations we will discuss your situation, your claim and what we can do for you.

Stage 2

We will then visit your home to assess damage and discuss the details of your claim.

Stage 3

We will outline how we will manage your claim.

Stage 4

We begin negotiating on your behalf with your insurance company, keeping you informed of every development.

Stage 5

Blackstone Loss Assessors will then present your claim and get you your best possible settlement.


 Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get back into my property?

We understand that you will want to return to your house as soon as possible after a fire, flood or theft. Unfortunately every case is different. However when our insurance loss assessors visit your property they will be able to give you a time frame for when you can move back in.

Will I hurt my claim using a loss assessor?

No, a loss assessor will work on your behalf to get you the a fair settlement that will repair all the damage your property has suffered. An insurance company will have contracted a loss adjuster so there is no reason why you cannot contract an insurance loss assessor.

How can I speed up the claims process?

Make sure you keep all receipts for any emergency repair work that has taken place. You should also find proof of ownership for high value damaged items. Make sure you don't throw away anything until it has been inspected and accounted for.

When should I instruct a loss assessor?

The best course of action is to appoint a loss assessor immediately after the incident has occurred. This is when the insurance company's appointed loss adjuster will begin their work. A loss assessor will then manage your claim through to completion.



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If you have any further questions about claims management and our insurance loss assessors, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Blackstone Loss Assessors.

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